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New Photos

I am working on incorporating an easily navigable page that lists new photos.  In the meantime, I will be posting all new images to Flickr.  CLICK HERE to see the newest images--a new page will open my latest work posted to Flickr, and feel free to comment about them on that site.

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The following are collections of images located on the mnartists and flickr websites--if you would like to see all online photos, feel free to go to my older photos located on the website.

Buffalo on Antelope Island

  Enjoy these new im
ages from Arizona and Utah.  The trips were short and images certainly just a sample of the beauty of both states -- Utah photos should be completely uploaded by August 15, so check back!

"Lake Superior Circle Tour" 
This is a series of photos taken on a trip around Lake Superior during the fall of 2006. Here you can find images from such places as the North Shore, Lake Superior Provincial Park and the Keewenaw.  Click on the Photo to go to the collection.

"Night Photography"
I have always enjoyed the challenge of long exposure photography, and this collection of images reflects many of my attempts at getting excellent results after the sun goes down.  Perhaps what I like most about taking photos at night is the evidence of how time affects each photo--this can be seen in everything from the movement of water to the blur of a train.

This is a collection of ballparks that includes Busch Stadium, Wrigley Field, Miller Park, Lambeau Field as well as smaller venues such as Jack Ruhr Field in Miesville MN and Copeland Park in La Crossse, WI. I look at this collection as a work in progress--its my hope to photograph many more ballparks.

"North Coast Trip"

This is a collection of photos taken along the south shore of Lake Superior, from Crisp Point on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, to Cornucopia, Wisconsin. The trip lasted ten days (late September into October 2007). It was a bit of a continuation from last year's drive around Lake Superior. There were many places skipped because of time last year, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was one location that I thought received short shrift.